supercritical executives

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Matt Bird

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Chief Executive Officer

Matt has a 24 year career at the highest levels in telco corporates and startups. After successfully taking his latest startup from an empty desk to exit within 3 years, he found his next exciting challenge in heading up Supercritical.  Get in touch for investment or partnerships.


Luke Tan

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Chief Product Officer

Luke has lived and breathed hydrogen for his entire career, driving innovations into new markets globally with a world leading catalyst company.  Always looking to solve the problem, Luke is the person to talk to about how Supercritical's technology can work for you.


Mike Russ

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Chief Technology Officer

Mike, with a unique career to augment his PhD, was on a one-way road to CTO at Supercritical. He is our resident genius in electrochemical systems and supercritical reactors.  Mike's a natural inventor, leading all things technical.


Gael Gobaille-Shaw

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Chief Scientist

Gael has a PhD in catalyst design, water and CO₂ electrolysis and a passion for innovation that led him to Deep Science Ventures. He's the brainchild of Supercritical's innovation and curator of the founding team that brought the technology to life.