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Team supercritical

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Matt Bird

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-founder

Matt has a 24 year career at the highest levels in telco corporates and startups. After successfully taking his latest startup from an empty desk to exit within 3 years, he found his next exciting challenge in heading up Supercritical.  Get in touch for investment or partnerships.

Mike Russ Profile Picture

Mike Russ

Chief Technology Officer
& Co-founder

Mike, with a unique career to augment his PhD, was on a one-way road to CTO at Supercritical. He is our resident genius in electrochemical systems and supercritical reactors.  Mike's a natural inventor, leading all things technical.

Luke Tan Profile Picture

Luke Tan

Chief Product Officer
& Co-founder

Luke has lived and breathed hydrogen for his entire career, driving innovations into new markets globally with a world leading catalyst company.  Always looking to solve the problem, Luke is the person to talk to about how Supercritical's technology can work for you.

Gael Gobaille-Shaw Profile Picture

Gael Gobaille-Shaw

Scientific Consultant
& Co-founder

Gael has a PhD in catalyst design, water and CO₂ electrolysis and a passion for innovation that led him to Deep Science Ventures. He's the brainchild of Supercritical's innovation and curator of the founding team that brought the technology to life.  

Gemma Cusworth Profile Picture

Gemma Cusworth

Senior Process Engineer

Gemma moved into hydrogen with a drive to enable clean technology.  Bringing 10 years of process engineering experience from her time in the oil and gas sector,  Gemma works on the wider system, enabling integration with our customers.

Dunya Saleem Profile picture

Dunya Saleem

Process Engineer

Joins Supercritical from a liquid nitrogen focused startup, developing their heat fluid systems and software integration. Prior to this Dunya had a tenure at Air Liquide. Dunya is working towards Chartered engineer status.

Taza Mohammedbhai Profile Picture

Taza Mohammedbhai

Programme Director

Taza, with 20+ years in product, project and programme management, brings a wealth of experience to a rapidly growing business.  Taza keeps ambitions on target ensuring Supercritical's increasing number of projects continue to deliver against the critical path of development.

Tony Zaarour Profile Picture

Tony Zaarour

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Antoine (Tony), having cut his teeth at one of the leading OEMs of the Oil & Gas industry, brings his expertise to clean technology design. Tony is refining and optimising Supercritical’s proprietary electrolyser components.

Alex Wilson Profile Picture

Alex Wilson

R&D Engineer

Alex (PhD), Aeronautical Engineer turned Materials Scientist, brings characterisation and corrosion expertise to the R&D team. Alex is hands on, building the next generation of electrolyser.

Maruthi Malladi profile picture

Maruthi Rochishnu

R&D Engineer

Maruthi, with a PhD focussing on fluid flow in fuel injectors, brings measurement, control and modelling expertise to the R&D team. Maruthi’s in our lab, building the next generation of electrolyser.

Titilola Oliyide profile picture

Titilola Oliyide

Senior Process Safety Engineer

Titi brings experience and varied perspectives from her time in safety, risk and reliability in both the oil and gas and rail sectors.  She's ensuring the safe scaling of our technology with our partners.

James Stephens Profile Picture

James Stephens

Senior Process Engineer

James has a Masters from Cambridge and is a Chartered Chemical Engineer. His experience working at Genesis across traditional sectors and new cleantech will help us robustly approach electrolyser system related challenges.


Owain Williams

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Owain joined us from CERN, where he worked as lead mechanical safety engineer on projects with extreme operating conditions. An experienced Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Owain works on the mechanical systems for our electrolyser.

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Geraldine Torin-Ollarves

Test Stand Engineer

Geraldine is an expert in Thermodynamics, she has been experimenting with high pressure gases for projects supporting the net zero journey. Her experience in cutting edge research, ensures that our Supercritical’s proprietary electrolyser is safe and functionally sound for the defined technical specification.

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Collaborate with like minded intellectual and experienced team.  Fasten your seatbelt!

We're growing our team! Interested in joining us? 

Check the opportunities on our Careers page!

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