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Discover the team behind the world’s first high-pressure, efficient electrolyser for the production of hydrogen energy.

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No individual will solve the climate crisis.

We embrace partnerships and collaboration within our team and externally. We believe that bringing brilliant minds together in an innovation conducive environment will catalyse the world’s path to net zero.

A culture built on transparency and trust across the team is the foundation for accelerated problem solving.

Scientist working in the lab

No one has ever done what we’re doing.

We bring together impassioned individuals from all sorts of diverse backgrounds, disciplines and industries to enable us to think differently and challenge one another. Progress is never linear. When you’re developing something completely novel, things will not always go to plan.

We cannot fail so long as we learn and take that learning forward to our next attempt. We embrace the challenges and we celebrate success.

We’re thinkers.

We’re enablers.

We’re problem solvers.

We’re Supercritical.

We are on a mission to create pioneering hydrogen technology that enables industry to transition beyond fossil fuels.

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Explore the world of Supercritical, clean hydrogen production and how it can help create a more sustainable world.

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What are the losses over time through leakage when Hydrogen is stored in a storage tank?

When properly stored, there are no losses. Unlike diesel for example, hydrogen does not have an expiry date and can be stored for years.

Why green hydrogen production?

The vast majority (>95%) of the 93 million tonnes of hydrogen produced globally is still produced from fossil fuels. Mostly using Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) from fossil fuels, a process which emits 10.6kg of CO2e for every kg of Hydrogen produced.

Green Hydrogen is produced by splitting water (H2O) using renewable electricity, and produces no greenhouse gases, but produces Oxygen instead.

Net Zero
Where is hydrogen currently used?

Today, hydrogen is directly used mainly in industrial chemical processes, such as ammonia fertiliser production and refineries.

Hydrogen increasingly is seen as the fossil fuel alternative for Industrial Heat, which are considered ‘hard to abate’ using other technologies.  Hydrogen also finds application as a fuel in transport, either as a gas for ‘fuel cell’ based EV’s, with water as the only by-product/emission, but also as a feedstock for Hydrogen based derivatives, such as Ammonia, Methanol and synthetic fuels for use in sectors such as Aviation.  Hydrogen’s energy storage over longer durations (seasons), is also beneficial for electricity networks that are heavily renewably powered and require long duration energy storage over long distances.

What’s the catalyst material of the electrodes in Supercritical’s technology?

We apologise, but we are unable to provide this information as it is protected under Supercritical’s intellectual property rights.

Does the Supercritical electrolyser use PGM?

The Supercritical electrolyser is Platinum Group Metals (PGM) agnostic, however, the use of precious metals has been assessed against a cost-benefit analysis to understand the performance and durability value. Critically, Supercritical does not use Iridium.


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