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We work with the private sector and the public sector in our persistent pursuit for net zero. If you’d like to partner with us on our journey, contact one of us today.

Partner testimonials

“ Supercritical Solutions; great company, great people, great technology, but on the other hand I think it’s an enabler to hydrogen economy”

Joep Huijsmans

General Manager Power, Shell
“Performing water electrolysis at supercritical conditions is a very innovative idea. The incredibly knowledgeable team at Supercritical are brilliant at tackling the challenges this technology presents and always a pleasure to work with.”

Graham Smith

Hydrogen Technology Lead and Principle Research Scientist
“The UK is truly leading the world in hydrogen innovation thanks to the exciting efforts of companies like Supercritical Solutions. The government support which they have received today will help to boost the development of hydrogen as the clean, affordable, homegrown superfuel of the future.”

Greg Hands

Energy Minister
"Supercritical was a finalist in our Hydrogen Hypothesis Challenge for their technology. They were selected to take part in the Think & Act Differently (TAD) accelerator program to demonstrate the safe and effective use of hydrogen in a mining context, with the aim of providing insight into how Hydrogen can be used to support zero or low carbon processes. Supercritical were chosen because they proposed an idea with potential to demonstrate the value Hydrogen technologies and applications could create for our industry."

Brett Triffett

Growth & Resource Development Manager, Think & Act Differently Powered by BHP
“As a long-term advocate of the hydrogen economy, we recognise the critical importance of cost-effective green hydrogen supply to unlocking hydrogen's potential in the energy transition. We are pleased to support Supercritical on their journey to think beyond fossil fuels through innovative clean technology solutions."

Zairin Faizal-Khoo

Head of Market Development, Anglo American
"We are delighted to be supporting Supercritical as they drive to decarbonise UK production processes. They are bringing electrolysis technology to a new level, helping industry move to net zero. Supporting the delivery of net zero, including hydrogen, is core to the MTC's vision for future UK manufacturing, ensuring clean growth, stimulating investment in the supply chain and creating and safeguarding UK jobs."

Huw Sullivan

Sector Development Manager - Power & Energy
“Supercritical’s high pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyser is potentially game changing and the stellar progress they’ve made is testament to the team’s strong technical and commercial capabilities. NZTC is delighted to have supported Supercritical, initially through our TechX accelerator programme and subsequently via a project co-funded with industry.”

Martyn Tulloch

Director of Energy Transition, Net Zero Technology Centre
"Confident in their goals and keen to be innovative, and to be seen and heard." "Entrepreneurial and in control, with well managed direction, amongst lots of other start-ups who lack the same substance"

Alistair Longwell

Head of Distillation & Environment, Beam Suntory
“Innovative solutions like this are driving forward the clean fuels revolution, bringing green hydrogen and ammonia to markets that may not have realised there is a greener alternative, giving them a chance to do their bit for Net Zero. We’re looking forward to working with our partners on this study and hopefully demonstrating a more sustainable, cost efficient way of producing ammonia.”

Barry Carruthers

Hydrogen Director, Scottish Power
“Solutions like the one of Supercritical’s are essential for our journey towards green hydrogen/ammonia production. Together we can enable the desperately needed energy transition and start using hydrogen and ammonia as energy vector.”

Kevin Kardux

Manager Sales Engineering, Proton Ventures
“Parker is both proud and excited to be a part of Supercritical's journey. By leveraging Parker's hydrogen engineering expertise, high-quality solutions, and flexible supply chain, this collaboration provides Supercritical and distribution partner KC Controls a competitive edge. This powerful partnership presents a winning combination to aid the UK in realizing its climate objectives and prioritizing safe electrolyser technology for green hydrogen production.”

Gary Wain

Market Development Manager-Alternative Fuels


Supercritical is a company intent on changing the status quo in industry.

We are not a science experiment.

Rooted in our culture is driving highly technical solutions to commercial viability, enabling industry to think and move beyond fossil fuels without economic disadvantage.

Across our key target sectors and in our supply chain we are formalising strategic partnerships with valued partners to bring our technology to market sooner through direct customer engagement and insights that will help ensure our product remains focused on solving real problems.

Technology PARTNERS

Supercritical is at the cutting edge of novel electrochemical technology.

We have a culture steeped in curiosity, celebrating ideas and being positively restless.

Supercritical is at the cutting edge of novel electrochemical technology, exploring fluids, materials and conditions that have never been explored before, pioneering technology that enables industry to transition beyond fossil fuels.

We are grounded in reality and understand the scale of the tragedy that the planet faces if action isn’t taken now. There is no time to waste and no stone should be left unturned. Supercritical knows that a problem that is this complex will never be solved alone.

We partner with those who welcome challenges and different perspectives, and those who share our passion to create a sustainable life on earth through the application of technology!


We conducted a study to evaluate the benefit that ultra-high efficiency, high pressure hydrogen production could offer to the burgeoning green ammonia sector.


Supercritical works with the private sector and the public sector in its persistent pursuit for net zero.

Great ideas and inventions only get you so far.

The world’s leading technical minds need to be met with supporting capital to enable it. The world can do incredible things when united in its effort to solve a problem.

In the inspirational words of Greta Thunberg, “Our house is on fire”. “I want you to act as you would in a crisis. I want you to act as if the house is on fire. Because it is.”. We are in crisis, we need to act now.

Supercritical works with the private sector and the public sector in its persistent pursuit for net zero. We scour the world to find investors who share our passion and align with our values. This combination of early stage private capital and state support is crucial in bridging the gap between ideation and profit.

We remain a Founder led business, aligned in our vision to be the catalyst for sustainable life on earth.  If you’d like to partner with us on our journey, contact one of us today.

Why partner with us

Get an understanding of what it would be like to partner with us and if you are interested, get in touch below.

How do I initiate the process of partnering with your company?

Use the Contact form on the website and let us know when you are looking for and how you believe we can help you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about progress and new opportunities for partnerships.

How can your solutions help my business reduce its carbon footprint?

Supercritical is developing new zero emission hydrogen production technology and technology for hydrogen derivative fuels.  We believe that Industries such as Chemicals, Industrial Heat and Heavy Transportation will all benefit from sustainable fuels that emit no carbon when consumed. See our Solutions and Case Study pages for more information on this.

What are the benefits in partnering with your company?

Supercritical is at the cutting edge of hydrogen production development. Do you want to be part of a sustainable journey at a stage where your input can make a real difference to both Supercritical, our Industrial customers and the planet? We are engineers and problem solvers, and pride ourselves on being innovators and collaborators for a more sustainable future. Working with us will motivate your teams and inspire for a better planet.

What makes your cleantech company stand out from others in the market?

At Supercritical, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the cleantech industry. Our team comprises experts who are passionate about environmental sustainability and have a proven track record of developing innovative solutions. We offer cutting-edge technology, outstanding service, and a commitment to making a real difference in the fight against climate change.


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Supercritical Striders First Outing!

The Supercritical Striders took on Ealing Half Marathon 2023! Our first outing as a running group, it was a great day being able to run our local borough.

Luke laid down the challenge to the team to run the Ealing Half Marathon early in 2023, naturally it felt like a long time in the future. Being keen and new to running, the opportunity to take on my first half marathon was too tempting to pass up. There were no other takers at the time, and it was down to myself and Luke to carry the banner for the Supercritical team in our local borough of London.

Several months passed and I had barely trained, I had been doing my usual 5 to 10k runs in the evenings and weekends, but nothing more substantial. Safe to say my ‘training’ had not gone to plan. As we closed in on race day, Taza joined the team and it was now a three person race!

Taza and Luke were both aiming to finish the race in under two hours, and I had committed to simply just getting over the finish line. 

Race day was upon us, it was an early start to reach Ealing in time for 9am. The crowds were huge, and needless to say the nerves had set in.

Ealing Half Marathon 2023

The weather held out as we lined up on the start line, myself somewhere after the 2 hour pacers, Luke and Taza around the 1:50 marker. The race began with a loud shout of ‘have you got the Ealing feeling?’, and I for one was finding it hard to feel it due to my lack of preparation! 

The first 10k seemed to pass by with relative ease, some hill climbs but nothing too strenuous. This was comfortably within my prior experience, and from this point onward I was into the unknown.

A few km into the unknown, things were still good, my legs were working, I had had a gel and was soaking up the energy from the crowd. The route contained a few switch back areas and around km 13 I spotted Luke running towards me on the other side of the barrier, confirming he was indeed in front of me. The steep hill climbs in the following kms took their toll and by 16km, I had slowed down to a walking pace.

A cycle of walking and slow running continued until around 20 km, when it was clear I was on the home straight. 

At this point, I didn't care that the 2:20 pacers had passed me, I wasn’t bothered by my legs aching and the fact that I clearly had a blister on my toe was of no concern. All I wanted to do was finish.

The final corner was a turn into the park for the finish line, by this time I had closed in on the 2:20 pacers and had them in my sights. I wasn't going to let them defeat me, and used every last molecule of energy to burn them on the finish line, 2:19.

We met up, Taza at 1:50 and Luke at 1:55, it felt to me like a monumental achievement. 

A couple of hours of literal & psychological ups and downs akin to the rollercoaster that is innovation! Monday morning’s walk to the tube was a little sore, but hey, same again next year? 20% discount, go on then… I better get training.

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Titi Oliyide is a finalist for an IET Awards Achievement Medal

Titi Oliyide CEng MIET, Supercritical's Senior Process Safety Engineer, has done it again! We’re very proud to announce that she is an IET Awards Achievement Medal finalist! Best of luck! A huge well done from all of us at Supercritical.

Titi Oliyide, Chartered Engineer, Member of the IET and Senior Process Safety Engineer at Supercritical, has been listed as a finalist for the prestigious Institute for Engineering and Technology’s (IET) Mike Sargeant Medal.

The Mike Sargeant Medal is awarded to an early career professional who has been judged to have made the most significant progress in their career over more than three years.

By being listed as a finalist, Titi has demonstrated technological excellence when undertaking an engineering project & excelled in leadership. She has been an outstanding role model & demonstrated exceptional commitment and has been particularly active in promoting the engineering and technology professions. 

Titi Oliyide - Finalist for Mike Sargeant Early Career Achievement Medal at IET Awards

Without a doubt, Titi is hugely inspirational and committed to improving access and removing barriers for young engineers. She has been instrumental in Supercritical’s STEM outreach to date and is a driving force for upcoming programmes that we’ll be opening up soon! As a young, female, black engineer, Titi has demonstrated that in an industry still disproportionately dominated by white men, you can excel and you can make a significant impact on the profession. She is a role model and a fantastic to have as part of the team.

IET summarised EngineeringUK’s report – ‘Engineering in higher education’ – which shows that just 18.5 per cent of engineering undergraduates are female students. The report describes this as an “exceptionally low” figure compared to the 56.5 per cent representation seen across all subjects. The issue is mirrored across the engineering and technology workforce.

The Royal Academy of Engineering reports that “Only 9% of engineers in the UK are from Black, Asian or minority ethnic backgrounds despite 27% of first degree qualifiers in engineering being from these groups. Black engineering graduates are more than twice as likely to be unemployed six months after graduation than their white counterparts. For those that do secure engineering roles, our research has shown that Black engineers experience the workplace differently, reporting that assumptions are more likely to be made about them based on their ethnicity or nationality and that they are less likely to speak up about inappropriate behaviour in the workplace when compared to white counterparts.”

Proactively pursuing opportunities to reach out to minority groups such as Supercritical’s visit to Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls in Ealing as part of Hydrogen Week UK earlier this year, she continues to lead by example as a long serving STEM Ambassador and member of the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers (AFBE-UK).

Titi will join other shortlisted finalists later this year at the IET in London to hear the final outcome. The whole team at Supercritical wish Titi the best of luck!

Learn more about the finalists here:

About the IET

  • We inspire, inform and influence the global engineering community to engineer a better world.
  • We are a diverse home for engineering and technology intelligence throughout the world. This breadth and depth means we are uniquely placed to help the sector progress society.
  • We want to build the profile of engineering and technology to change outdated perceptions and tackle the skills gap. This includes encouraging more women to become engineers and growing the number of engineering apprentices.
  • Interview opportunities are available with our spokespeople from a range of engineering and technology disciplines including cyber-security, energy, engineering skills, innovation, manufacturing, technology, transport and diversity in engineering.
  • For more information, visit