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Supercritical presents at OGTC's technology showcase

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April 16, 2021

On April 15th, OGTC ran a selective Partner only virtual technology showcase to introduce some of their favourite innovations and offer their Partners the opportunity to meet the talent behind the tech.

Supercritical was selected as one of OGTC's game-changing technologies to look out for on the horizon. All technologies selected fit within OGTC's three clear programmes which are in support of both their technology vision and the industry’s Roadmap 2035; Emission Reduction, Energy System Integration and Offshore Energy 4.0.  

Supercritical is working with the Energy System Integration team on a programme of work that ends with a pilot demonstrator in the North of Scotland in the UK Continental Shelf region.  Traditionally world renowned for its oil and gas production, it is now actively transitioning to a renewable energy hub for onshore and offshore wind.  The ability to store this renewable energy for extended periods of time, or to export this energy in the form of a gas or a liquid is being explored.  Hydrogen production with Supercritical's novel electrolyser technology is an option to be considered either for compressed hydrogen storage, or ammonia liquid fuel production.

Companies in attendance included some of the world's largest operators, like Shell, Total, CNOOC and Repsol Sinopec UK, a number of major energy service providers like Wood PLC, Aker Solutions and Bilfinger as well as many other players in the energy industry.  Supercritical's booth was busy with some great is a clear interest in hydrogen and identifying ever-better solutions for producing it from green methods.

Interested in finding out more about Supercritical's technology and how it could enable your energy transition?  Get in touch at

About Supercritical

We are developing the world’s first high pressure, ultra-efficient electrolyser, for the production of hydrogen and oxygen from water, with zero emissions. By using heat and pressure our proprietary design allows us to exploit the benefits of supercritical water and deliver gases at over 200 bar of pressure, without the expense or challenges of hydrogen compressors.  With this, we're able to deliver the lowest cost of pressurised green hydrogen.

About OGTC

OGTC invests in partnership with industry, local and national government, and academia to address major energy challenges, working across a range of sectors from renewables to manufacturing. People and technical innovation are at the heart of what we do.

Using our skills, capabilities and commitment to a better future, we believe technical innovation can ensure that the transition to a net zero North Sea is also affordable and competitive. Delivering technology which ensures that hydrocarbon is produced in the North Sea with a net zero footprint - while also unlocking the potential of carbon sequestration, blue and green hydrogen - and supporting the growth of the renewable sector is a goal we all share. This is critical to delivering a net zero UK.

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